Difference Makers, the latest addition to our website, will be devoted to actual cases where the Plato’s CAVE™ platform has made a difference in the decision making process and/or the treatment of a patient. As in every major decision in your life, we know that they are dependent on factual information. And, the more facts you gather, the better the decision. One of the fundamental principles of Plato’s CAVE is that all the imaging data needs to be used in order to make any decision. The Plato’s CAVE platform goes through its fact-finding mission in order to create a “visual Decision Maker” which leads to the best possible treatment for a patient. In each of these cases, the Plato’s CAVE team starts its fact-finding mission by extracting all the DICOM (CT, PET, MRI) data and then proceeding in its investigation. The decisions that will be made are based not only on the images or pictures, but measurements within these images. As Joe Friday (Jack Webb) would say each week on TV’s renowned show Dragnet “Just the facts ma’am.” We want our Decision Makers newsletter to demonstrate that medical decision-making has entered a new era. An era that relies on complete and total available information. This is critically important not only for the patient and their family, but also the physicians. We welcome your comments.