Clinical Decision Making

With image viewing fulfilling the basic requirements for diagnostic interpretations, Plato’s CAVETM goes far beyond these requisites. Its powerful value-added interactive and data extraction features enable rapid virtual assessments for triaging and treatment planning both of which can be performed remotely in real time. Critical physiological information, such as cardiac ventricular ejection fraction and stroke volume, can be immediately extracted. These and many other features are expected to facilitate clinical decision making to help improve patient outcome.

Surgical Simulation

00000-PlatosCaveWebsiteMedicalBenefits_03 Plato’s CAVETM technology enables ultrafast multidimensional image rendering to permit real-time rates of manipulation that is ideally suited for life-like surgical simulations. Currently no other medical viewing system offers this level of detail, rendering speed, and seamless integration with functional and molecular imaging data to clearly delineate pathology in a personalized manner. Simulations can be used for pre-surgical planning, training, and to assess competency. Training modules based on real clinical datasets can be customized for any level of physician training from medical students to established practitioners for continued medical education.

Electronic Medical Records

Designed to fully incorporate into any EMR system from simple text files to complete genomics/proteomics datasets that can be digitally tagged to specific sites. This powerful feature greatly expands the monitoring capabilities for clinical care and research.


Ultrahigh Speed Resource Sharing

The massive data processing power of Plato’s CAVETM will be supported by access to ultrahigh speed networks currently operational and planned for international expansion like the National LambdaRail. This high bandwidth will permit sharing of computation-intensive applications without geographic restrictions, creating opportunities for telemedicine consultations, remote surgical training and rapid dissemination of biomedical information.